Knox County man dead after officer-involved shooting


An armed man who authorities say had fired shots in his South Knox County neighborhood Tuesday night was shot and killed after a confrontation with deputies.

The man's name and age were not released. Neighbors told our sister affiliate WBIR he was elderly.

A graphic video taken from inside a neighbor's home shows a man walking down the road, pointing a gun in the air and firing a couple of shots. After several more paces, he stops and aims his firearm down the street. Moments later, more than a dozen shots ring out, and the man collapses to the road.

The Knoxville Police Department will conduct the criminal investigation into the incident; the Knox County Sheriff's Office will conduct an administrative investigation - essentially, an internal review. The agencies have an agreement to share those duties in instances when one department has an officer-involved shooting.

KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk said his department plans to release additional information later in the day Wednesday.

About 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, several residents in the Hay Meadow Trail area of South Knox County south of Tipton Station Road called 911, according to DeBusk.

A woman in the 2200 block of the street said a neighbor had fired a gun at her multiple times.

Another resident called to report that the same man had fired a weapon in the air. That person said the man had a pistol and a shotgun, according to DeBusk.

A third resident also called 911 and said the man had a pistol and a long gun.

Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to the scene and confronted the man. He fired at least one shot at them.

Video provided by a resident showed the man striding toward authorities on a street with a raised pistol. Deputies fired multiple shots, with at least several striking the man, the video shows. He fell to the street.

The man was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

It's not known yet how many times the man was hit or how many shots were fired. DeBusk said the "crime scene was quite extensive" because of the number of shots fired.

The investigation likely will take at least several days.DeBusk said there were a lot of people in the area at the time and the armed man posed a danger to children and adults around him.

A forensic unit responded to the neighborhood to process the scene.

"Obviously, it's a very traumatic event when an officer is involved in a shooting like this. There are support groups that we have that we will offer to them," DeBusk said.

The spokesman said he didn't know if the man had a criminal history.

"We're very early into this investigation. That will be something that we'll look at - the history of this individual," DeBusk said.

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