Korean Children's Choir visit Bristol and shares appreciation for U.S. veterans


Members of Bristol's Rotary Club got a special treat Tuesday from a group of kids who live thousands of miles away.

The Korean Children's Choir performed, thanking American's for their service in the Korean War.

News 5's Jessica Griffith shows us how the children are using their songs in hopes of uniting the world.

Singing, dancing and spreading joy. "People left here today with tears in their eyes," Bobby Griffin said. Griffin served in the Korean War and works to bring the kids to Bristol to connect our area with South Korea.

"There was 350,000 American troops killed during the Korean War. I was almost one of them," he said. The group is a Christian ministry. They travel the world, spreading hope. Most of them have never been to the U.S. until this trip. "They're trying new foods, they're learning new cultures, they're visiting families meeting new people," director Scott Gilstrap said. It's a patriotic performance as a way to show appreciation for U.S. veterans who served to defend Korea's freedom.

"I think it brings us closer as a world seeking peace and seeking guidance," Sid Oakley said. Only two kids speak English... "The rest can say a simple phrase, like pizza, hamburger, ice cream. But then others they use body language, thumbs up, the x," Gilstrap said. But they all are able to memorize and sing in English.

"When it's another language it's very hard for them. But, they know that they're here on a mission trip so they don't really care about the communication. What they're singing is gods love, his grace," GIlstrap said.

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