Korean War vets honored on Armistice anniversary


Thursday marked the 64th anniversary of the end of U.S. wartime in Korea with the signing of the Armistice or cease fire

The veterans of that war were honored with a ceremony at the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City.

Veterans and their families came out to hear stories from those who served.

A group of South Koreans also came to say thank you.

Veterans we talked to said that while they're glad to be recognized after all these years, they still know the war hasn't really ended to this day.

"It's wonderful that they finally came around and showed us something. It was a group of people who came back and no one really noticed us at all," Korean War veteran Perry Counts said.

"Pray for the guys that's over there. Pray that this stuff will stop, and live in peace," added Korean War veteran James Richards.

There are close to 22 hundred Korean War veterans buried at the Mountain Home Cemetery to date.