Bristol's Serving Orphans Worldwide seeks support


When the economy went on a downward spiral in 20-09, many people lost their homes to foreclosures but a story you don't often hear is how many orphanages had to close as well displacing children without families.

That's when a local organization right here in Bristol, popped up. It's called Serving Orphans Worldwide and helps make living situations better in orphanages.

The group knows it's difficult to find every orphan a forever home and just wants to try and make their current living situation as comfortable as possible. The organization stated their case during a luncheon held on Thursday.

"Around the world there are over a hundred and 50 million orphans. Unfortunately, only one percent of those will ever be adopted. So, we consider that orphanages are necessary to make up for the other 99 percent of kids who have no other resources," Vice President of Operations for Serving Orphans Worldwide Ken Anderson said.