Local Rolling Thunder chapter leaves for Washington

PHOTO: L. Owens / WCYB)

With Memorial Day weekend almost here veterans organizations are gearing up for special events including Rolling Thunder.

Tennessee's Chapter 4 gathered in a parking lot in Johnson City Thursday to get ready to ride for Washington D.C.

Riders will make stops on the way to conduct ceremonies and then take part in a demonstration in D.C. this weekend.

"The reason we do this is because all of the P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s from all wars have not come home yet. The purpose of this demonstration is to get the government to continue bringing them home until they've all come home," Rolling Thunder TN Chapter 4 President Jeff Kilbourn said.

This will be the 30th year for the Ride for Freedom.

Kilbourn expected about 45 members of their chapter to join in the ride.

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