Milligan College summer camps kick off


MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. - This week at Milligan College, high school students are getting a real feel for the college experience.

Every summer, Milligan hosts summer camps known as Buff Camps. Students get the opportunity to stay on campus and get a first-hand look at a variety of activities.

This year, the focuses are on nursing, digital media, and computer science.

Each year, the college offers different camps to fit student interests. Associate Director of Summer Programs and Campus Visits Rita Booher explains, "K ind of depends on professor availability and kind of where we see kids are interested in studying. We take some of our more popular majors and then try to create these camps to let these kids have a week-long experience as a college student."

Each of the camps is taught by Milligan professors. Current students also act as counselors to help out and add to the experience.

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