Moving day: Service homes built at BMS find new home

(PHOTO: T. Culbertson / WCYB)

BRISTOL, TN - Attendees of the races in April at Bristol Motor Speedway may have noticed a construction site on the outskirts of the speedway. This was all a part of a special service project aimed at proving housing for low-income families in our area.

Tom Kendall is the Superintendent of new builds for Appalachia Service Project. He says members of our community and beyond came together to make this all possible.

"We had three colleges come in and build houses for us, the University of Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Iowa State. And now we're transporting these houses to their final location where they'll go to low income families in the area," he said.

The building of the house's shell was complete in just a couple days, and was completed within the week.

"Most of the work was done over race weekend, so it was done in about two and a half, three days. And then we got a little bit of help from local volunteers to finish them up the following weekend," Kendall explained.

Since the Appalachia Service Project usually builds homes on solid land, these homes needed to be approached in a unique way, making sure that they were structurally sound before transportation.

"Obviously with the moving process, we have to do things a little bit differently with our foundations. We put a little bit more bracing and things like that to make sure it gets there in one piece," he said.

The house arrived at its drop off location on Pennsylvania Avenue in Bristol, Tennessee about one hour after departing from Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday with an escort from police. There are currently two other homes undergoing construction; they will be moved to areas within the local vicinity as well.

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