New shows at the Bays Mountain Planetarium

(PHOTO: L. Owens / WCYB)

The Bays Mountain Planetarium is set to begin offering two more shows.

Right now they feature a show called "Cosmic Origins Spectrograph." That show takes viewers on a journey between galaxies using pictures from the Hubble Telescope.

Now two more shows will be available that educate people on Galileo and his contributions to astronomy. One will be called "Two Small Pieces of Glass" the other is called "Galileo's Skies".

"'Galileo's Skies' is a live presentation that we produced that actually uses our optical star projector to, not only show you the night sky, but the night sky of Galileo 400 years ago," Bays Mountain Planetarium Director Adam Thanz said.

Both of these new shows will be featured on the weekends during November and December.