New Start: Johnson City realtor 'inundated' with Florida residents ready to escape storms

(PHOTO: T. Culbertson / WCYB)

One man who works as a realtor in the Tri Cities says he's seen a lot of people from the South wanting to move up here to get away from the storm.

Bill Hall moved to the region from Florida after finding the area while seeking refuge from a hurricane. He had survived seven major storms and decided that was enough.

We found out he was waiting on a flight from the Tri Cities and decided to rent a car and drive around.

He said he liked the area so much, he decided to stay and now he's helping others do the same.

"In the last two weeks we've been inundated with people that have moved here or come up here to visit and stay from Florida and even parts of Georgia and South and North Carolina, the coastline... They've come over here to seek refuge from this storm Irma, and they fell in love with the place," Hall said.

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