New Sullivan County animal shelter clears another hurdle


A plan to combine the two animal shelters that make up pet works, formerly known as the SBK Animal Shelter has passed another hurdle. The Sullivan County commission approved on final reading Tuesday to give $75,000 to purchase one of three lots where a new shelter is expected to be built.

Kingsport city leaders have indicated they will donate an adjacent lot they own for the project and the third will be purchased with money from donations as well as the city of Bristol.

SBK board chair Tom Parham says the community's enthusiasm will ensure the project's success.

"I'm very optimistic that the fund raising is going well. I've never been associated with a project with so many people coming to you before the project's even defined and say 'We want to be part of it. We want to contribute," Parham said.

The chairman also said after the land is purchased they can move forward with getting designs and cost estimates completed so they can put out bids.