New voting machines for Hawkins County


Voters in Hawkins County are using new machines to cast their ballots. Instead of a touch screen, voters press a button next to the candidate's name. "It's clear," Hawkins County voter Dena Dunnington said. "You know what you're doing. It's stated and you just push the buttons and then don't forget to press the red button!" People can't finish until they've seen every page of the ballot. When you get to the end, you have a chance to go back and make changes, meaning less room for error. When finished, voters hit a red flashing button. "This one you will not have to worry about advancing through all the pages of the ballot and realizing, "oh my gosh, I just cast my ballot," Hawkins County Election Administrator Donna Sharp said. "This one will not let you do that, it stops you." News 5 also learned the new machines change the way votes are counted at the end of the night. They'll be tallied on a small card. The Hawkins County election commission will use the cards from each precinct to get the final results. Hawkins County got 80 of the new machines. They used to only have 73. They also save taxpayers about $12,000-$15,000 a year because programming fees are less. The money came from the Help America Vote Act fund, which is available through the state. Polls for Super Tuesday will stay open until 8p.m. in Tennessee and 7p.m. In Virginia.