Official: More rain means higher lake levels in TVA system

(PHOTO: TN Valley Authority)

Although this weekend won't feel like it, summertime is right around the corner.

One of the biggest questions: Is my lake going to be full for the summer? We found out since this year we've had good rainfall, the lakes have been able to fill.

After talking to TVA officials they say all waters in the Tri Cities are where they should be except for Boone Dam, which is still at winter pool levels while major repairs are completed for the next several years.

This time last year was a different story.

"That's what you saw last year in 2016 very dry year we got the lakes in this area full but we weren't able to keep them there very long because we didn't have a lot of rain and run off during the summer," said TVA River Forecast Center senior manager Tom Barnett.

If Mother Nature gives an inch or two of rain every week or so Barnett says they should be able to keep the lakes full throughout the summer.

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