People living in the Lynn Garden community feel unsafe after deadly shooting


The search for the man accused of shooting two people in Kingsport last night, killing one, continues Monday evening.

One focus of that search shifted after he wasn't found at an apartment complex on Stratford Road.

As police continue to search for Anthony Moosman, people living nearby are concerned for their safety.

News 5's Jessica Griffith was in the Lynn Garden Community, talking to neighbors who heard the commotion last night.

We talked to neighbors who have lived in this area for years.

They tell me it's hard to feel safe in their own home.

"It makes everybody scared to death," neighbor Derrick Gillman said. Police tape, still on the ground of where the deadly shooting happened at 391 Lynn Avenue in Kingsport. "It's sad, you know it's really sad," Teresa Ray said. Ray has lived in this community for 45 years. She tells me they used to feel comfortable enough to sleep with their doors unlocked.

"I thought it was firecrackers going off. I opened the door out and looked out and a guy was running through this field over here," she said. Police say the suspect, Anthony Moosman, knew the two victims, and was trying to steal money and drugs from them. 18-year-old Stephen Caudill died at the scene. 20-year-old Clayton Ray was rushed to the hospital. "Funny, like nice. He's nice really," Preston Crouch said. Crouch went to school with Clayton, and says waking up to news that someone he knew was shot, is shocking.

"It just has like a million questions running through my head. What for, you didn't have to shoot him. It could've been solved a lot easier," he said. For one neighbor, he doesn't even want to continue living here. "It's getting pretty rough around here," Gillman said. He tells me his whole family lives in this neighborhood, and he has a 2-year-old daughter. "Oh yeah she knew something was going on with all the police trucks and ambulances," he said. Police... hoping you can help them find this murder suspect. "Obviously he's violent and capable of extreme violence so we want to get him in custody without any further violence," Kingsport Police Public Information Officer Tom Patton said.

We got our hands on Anthony Moosman's criminal history.

Since last April, he's had several arrests, including evading arrest and theft of a motor vehicle.

We are continuing to follow the latest on the search for the accused killer.

We will bring you the very latest as more information becomes available.

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