Police: Gray woman arrested after stealing elderly parents' money

Photo credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office

A Gray woman has been arrested after police say she used her parents' money for her own personal use.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, 59-year-old Marion Gail Reeves was arrested following an investigation. Police said that Reeves admitted to using funds for reasons other than the benefit of her parents, which included the purchasing of lottery tickets and the payment of another person's court fines. Reeves also said funds were used to pay the rent of another family member.

Reeves had been given power of attorney for her parents' funds. Police added Reeves's actions led to her parents' house payment not being made over the course of several months, placing their home at risk of being foreclosed.

A Washington County grand jury indicted reeves on two counts of financial exploitation of an elderly person over $2,500. Reeves turned herself in on Saturday morning and has been released after posting a $20,000 bond. She is due in court at a later date.

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