Police in search of burglars caught on camera


SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Burglars in Sullivan County may've thought they were pretty savvy-- little did they know they were caught on camera!

The victims said they came home to the front door ajar and covered in scratches-- that's when they new something was wrong.

"I noticed all my cabinets in my den were just wide open there was stuff all on the floor." Said homeowner Melissa Stanley.

Her family home is on the quiet road of Brown Drive in Bristol.

They installed security cameras ten years ago, hoping to never need to use them.

Until now.

Caught on camera were three men stealing jewelry and dirt bikes.

They even brought food to distract the homeowners' dogs.

"One of them walks to the back and he's got dog treats in his hands. And the other two they go in the house and it looks like they were in there about 18 minutes." Recounted Stanley.

the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office said having evidence from the homeowners' security cameras strengthens the investigation.

"As time goes on, more people are installing these home surveillance videos in their house and it's extremely helpful for law enforcement to have cases like this get solved." Explained Public Information Officer, Kristen Quon.

A local security business agrees that the trend of home surveillance is on the rise.

"A traditional security system Is more proactive-- people open the door, sirens go, police get dispatched. A video system lets you look in and see live video no matter where you are, so you can pull out your mobile phone and access the system... it adds another layer of security." Said Will Fleenor, of Fleenor Security Systems.

The cameras he displayed for home security are roughly $100 each, and they shoot in high quality.

"Some gas station stores, they have lesser quality video than this person had in their house." Observed Quon.

The Sheriff's Office is still searching for the three men, but are hopeful they will make arrests soon.

If you know who these men are, call the police.

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