Report: AEP to invest millions to upgrade Hawkins Co. power grid

(PHOTO: AEP / Kingsport Power)

Officials with Appalachian Power and its subsidiary Kingsport Power announced Monday a multi-million dollar project that will upgrade power infrastructure in Hawkins County.

The Nagel Substation Expansion will begin in a few weeks time with a completion scheduled for late 2019 and a price tag of $105 million, according to the company.

"The work will reduce congestion on the transmission grid and provide a more efficient and robust power system," said the report, which outlined the project details which include modernizing equipment and adding additional facilities to support a lower voltage.

The construction will take place on existing AEP property adjacent to Stanley Valley Road that is located 10 miles west of Kingsport. Hawkins County will have $2 million in tax revenue in their coffers annually, the report said.

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