Report: Fourth suspect in Kingsport counterfeit ring arrested


A fourth individual suspected of producing counterfeit money in Kingsport earlier this year was arrested on Monday.

Sean Bowman is scheduled to appear Wednesday in U.S. District Court after being named in a four-count federal indictment issued last month in Greeneville.

Prosecutors said that Jason Massengill taught Bowman, Darrell "Lance" Hobbs and Robert William Guy how to make phony bills ranging from $1 to $100 then conspiring with each other to buy the components needed to make them between March 1 and July 4.

Bowman was initially stopped by police on May 28 driving an SUV he purchased with counterfeit money. That vehicle contained $21,000 in cut and uncut counterfeit bills along with various computer printers and paper, the report said.

All four men are accused of trying to pass off the fake money at several businesses in the Tri Cities area, the report said.

Hobbs will also make his first court appearance on Wednesday. Massengill and Guy were arraigned last month.