Report: Kentucky, Tennessee out of compliance with teen tanning bed regulations


New research shows when it comes to compliance with laws regarding minors and the use of tanning beds, Tennessee is among the states with the lowest compliance.

Doctors from the University of Wisconsin and Loyola University surveyed 427 tanning salons in 42 states and Washington-D.C. from February 2015 through April 2016. The researchers called each salon posing as minors attempting to schedule a tanning appointment and 159 of the salons were found to be out of compliance with laws regulating tanning use by teens under the age of 18.

In Tennessee, only 40% of the salons surveyed were compliant and denied researchers posing as teens trying to set up a tanning appointment. In the state, parental consent and/ an accompanied adult is required for indoor tanning, according to a report from our sister station WZTV.

Researchers say it's estimated banning indoor tanning for minors under 18 would prevent 61,839 melanomas and 6,735 melanoma deaths leading to $342.9 million in treatment costs. Researchers add despite legislation in 42 states and D.C., 1.9 million high school students still are using indoor tanning beds.

Alabama led all states when it came to compliance with legislation, with 0% found to be in compliance. The state was followed by Idaho (10%), West Virginia (20%), and Florida (10%). Kentucky, Michigan, and Wyoming each totaled 30% compliance, followed by Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi with 40% compliance.

Researchers say the findings reflect a need for more education and better law enforcement regarding state laws and the harmful effects UV indoor tanning can cause.

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