Report: Northeast TN generates $800M in tourism revenue in 2016


A local organization is touting increases in tourism revenue and savings to taxpayers in a report generated Wednesday.

The new numbers posted by the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association reflect data released last week by the Department of Tourism which noted an uptick in revenue and jobs created by tourism statewide.

In the Tri Cities region, Sullivan County is ranked number 7 statewide with $371.4 million in direct tourism expenditures and more than 3,400 jobs created to aid the industry. The county also generates more than $104 million in payroll, the report says.

Washington County ranks tenth in the state in tourism with almost $250 million in tourism dollars.

The association also said that the impact of those visitor dollars helps save county taxpayers an average of $430 in those two localities.

Overall, the eight-county region produced $800 million in economic impact to the region and help supply nearly 7,000 jobs.

The complete report is available by clicking here.

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