Returning soldier surprises Washington County, Tennessee boy at school

AJ Keys introduces US Army Specialist Peyton Toth to his class.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - A returning soldier gave a young boy in Washington County, Tennessee a surprise visit at school today.

Peyton Toth has just returned from nine months of active duty in Iraq. He went to Grandview Elementary to surprise his friend 6-year-old AJ Keys. The two attend church together, and their families have been friends for years. Toth said he cherishes the time he gets to spend with a-j and his family.

"Every time I come home, I usually go over there," Toth said. "I get home late, and I'll usually wake him up. Or he's still awake and I'll hang out with him for a little bit and get him riled up for his parents. And then they've got to deal with putting him back to sleep again."

Toth took a moment to give the youngsters some valuable life lessons.

"Love your parents, and don't take anything for granted from them. There are kids over there, you all's age, and younger and older. They go every day and they ask just for a bottle of water as we go past them. It's the most heart touching thing I've ever seen."

AJ was given some extra time to spend with his friend.

Toth's father, Jeffrey, was there for the gathering.

He said he's proud of his son's service to our nation, along with his role as a mentor.

"The two of them are just like brothers," Jeffrey Toth said. "They've always been there for each other."

Toth said his next deployment may take place in 2019.

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