Rural Health Services in Rogersville evacuated after possible chemical situation

(PHOTO: T. Bohner / WCYB)

UPDATE, 6:21 p.m.

A police official says a search of the home of a patient who came to Rural Health Consortium in Rogersville revealed a type of cleaner used to strip floors along with wax and bleach.

The official also told News 5 that the person was taken into police custody but is not under arrest. There was nothing inside the home that would indicate any illegal activity, they noted.

Kingsport Haz-Mat crews are currently evaluating the building while medical professionals are being examined at a local hospital. Police said that preliminary indications are the workers did not suffer any injuries and were taken for more tests as a precaution.


A number of medical workers have been rushed to an area hospital after a patient entered a Rogersville clinic covered in a possible chemical that made a majority of the staff sick, according to Chief of Police Doug Nelson.

The patient entered the Rural Health Services Consortium off of Highway 66 and was being examined by a nurse practitioner and another employee when they fell ill, Nelson said. The other employees inside the clinic also became sick and notified city and county emergency services.

Nelson noted that Kingsport officials are sending an air monitor to analyze the environment inside the clinic to determine what type of chemical the patient and medical professionals were possibly exposed to.

The clinic has been closed and blocked off while the investigation continues.

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