Sevier Terrace Recreational Center to be demolished; Bible ministry facility to be built

Bob Seymour talks to News Five's Thomas Gray about his plans for the abandoned pool property.

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - People in the Sevier Terrace Area of Kingsport can say goodbye to the public pool. A bible ministry for teens in Kingsport is planning to build a new facility on the old recreational center property.

The whole pool property is going to be demolished and filled in to make way for Bible Study Two's new facility. Founder and President Bob Seymour has a vision for this abandoned property. He wants to put up a building and athletic courts for his non-profit ministry.

"We'll have to put up a residential style building that will be big enough to house all of our study groups," Seymour said.

The groups can include up to 90 people at a time, and they meet in private homes. The property has about $10,000 of back taxes on it that are owed to the city of Kingsport and Sullivan County.

"We have enough funds, that we've been raising over the last few years for something like this, to pay the back taxes and then do the demolition of the swimming pool structures and clean the place up," Seymour said.

It saddened Rick Everroad, who managed the pool 49 years ago and now works with Bible Study Two's board of directors, to see the pool so run down.

"What you see is what was there when I was there," Everroad said. "Except everything was clean and neat and manicured. It was really a nice place."

But he's excited for a new facility and thinks it will benefit the community.

"Hopefully this is going to actually improve property values," Everroad said. "Just having a nice, clean situation that's in the community."

Seymour isn't quite sure of the timeline yet, but he hopes to begin demolition within a few weeks.

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