Shelter saves elderly dogs in Sullivan County

Lindsay Campbell gives her shelter dogs some water.

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Animal shelters often have a hard time finding people to adopt senior dogs. That's why Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary is a non-profit dedicated to taking care of senior and special needs dogs. Founder Lindsay Campbell has made it her mission to provide care for them when others cannot.

"She does so much for those senior dogs at Pleasant Hills," Sullivan County Animal Shelter employee Tamie Slagle said. "And it would be nice if we had more places like hers to send these abandoned animals to."

It all started when Campbell met a little dog named Granny. At the time, Campbell was volunteering at a local animal shelter.

"When she looked at me and I snapped that picture, I thought 'There is no way you're going back in that kennel,'" Campbell said.

Now she cares for about 40 dogs.

"We started out with just a few dogs and very quickly realized that there was a huge need for our help here in the area," Campbell said. "So we've grown; we've added foster homes; we have a forever foster program."

In the past, publicity appealing for help has instead caused some to dump their dogs with the sanctuary.

"I got a lot of calls of people just saying 'i just have this old dog and i just don't want it anymore,'" Campbell said. "So our outreach to the community was in hopes that we would receive help, and our response, for the most part, ended up being people wanted our help instead."

The sanctuary does need more financial support to keep up with food, medications, and vet costs.

"For food and the basics, for a small dog, it's going run probably around $50-60 a month," Campbell said. "For a larger dog, it can run up to $120 a month."

Campbell also has tips on caring for senior dogs at home. She says to check in with your vet about their special needs. She also suggests that you consider making provisions for your pet in your will, since a lot of shelter dogs come from situations where their owners died.

If you would like to help Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary, you can visit their Facebook page here for more information.

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