Shoppers and retailers prepare for Tennessee's tax free weekend

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

JOHNSON CITY, TN - Tennessee's tax-free weekend is just in time for back to school shopping. National statistics show spending is up almost 20-percent from last year. Clothes, select electronics, and of course school supplies will all be a part of the Tennessee tax-free weekend at retailers across the state. A national survey shows that the average family spends more than $200 per child on back to school shopping. Add sales tax to that, and the numbers can add up. This weekend, shoppers will save nearly 10-percent in sales tax. Stores, like Target, are preparing for a busy weekend.

"We make sure that we have inventory in stock and that we have a surplus of most of the items that we have available, and we're also still price matching to any of our competitors," says executive team lead for human resources at Target, Susan Harp.

All clothing and footwear will be tax free as long as each item is $100 or less. Computers also apply to the deal; this includes laptops, tablets, and bundled software as long as each item is $1,500 or less. It does not include printers and separately sold computer accessories.

"That's a huge benefit for the people of east Tennessee...all of these really really expensive items that everybody needs, all the kids need, the teachers need, parents need a deal, so yeah, this is a great time," says parent and high school English teacher, Emily Gwinn.

General school supplies will all be tax free, excluding reference books and printer supplies. Parents aren't the only ones looking forward to the sales tax holiday, teachers will also take advantage of the savings.

"I'll be buying 20 and 30 of things, so tax free really comes in handy this weekend," says first grade teacher, Kelly Pate.

The tax-free weekend begins Friday at 12:01 AM and runs through Sunday at 11:59 PM. You don't have to be a Tennessee citizen to enjoy the benefits. It's not just about school supplies this weekend. Several different types of clothing are on the state sales tax exempt list. Also on the list are bridal gowns, golf clothing, leg warmers, ponchos, and support hose. For those looking to shop tax free in Virginia... you'll have to wait a week. The tax free weekend starts August 6th.

Here is a full list of the tax exempt items:

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