UPDATE: Johnson City body shop steps-up to help woman with vandalized SUV


We told you about a Johnson City woman whose car was vandalized with a racial slur scratched into it. Now some good news for Elaine McClaine, Tri City Collision center in Johnson City has already started repairing the paint job and they're doing it for free. Manager Matt Dykes says the work could cost thousands of dollars but they just wanted to give McClaine a break after seeing what happened. "We saw it on Facebook. One of her friends had posted it on her Facebook page and we knew right away when we seen the story we wanted to try our best to help her out with what we could," Dykes said. "I couldn't imagine having to drive around in something like that. It's just uncalled for," He added. Dykes says the work will take about a week to complete.

Previous story from News 5's Jessica Griffith:

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