No date set for any special called meeting for Gerald Sensabaugh's reinstatement


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - At a rally outside the Washington County, Tennessee School Board office, Gerald Sensabaugh told his supporters he had the backing of enough school board members to be instated as head coach at David Crockett High School. He says it's just a matter of the board scheduling a vote. However, School Board Chairman Jack Leonard tells News 5 that meeting can not and will not be held before Friday's game.

Several Pioneer players were in attendance at the rally, while others participated in practice. Junior Adrian Boles says he won't practice without coach Sensabaugh.

"I'm just trying to show him that he's on our side, he's been on our side ever since he came, and I'm just trying to show him the same love," Boles says.

The players, parents and supporters at the rally turned the school board's parking lot into a tailgate scene. One supporter says he's been to every David Crockett game since 1985, but won't be at this Friday's game if Sensabaugh isn't on the sidelines.

"No, no I will not go," David Nightingale says. "I know a lot of other people personally too that won't go."

Several players have already said they won't play Friday without Sensabaugh either, and coach says he'll support whatever decision his players make. However, the school system's superintendent hopes to see all the players on the field.

"If its truly about students, we encourage them to continue to practice and continue to play until these investigations are complete," Director of Schools Kimber Halliburton says.

Freshman Tony Davis says he went to practice on Wednesday because he loves the sport, but he's not sure yet what he'll do when it's time for kickoff.

"It's not a team unless were all together," Davis says. "It's like a family and it's not a family when you're just out there with just seniors."

With the Tennessee High Vikings looming on the horizon, interim David Crockett Coach Brandon Qualls says it's business as usual as he tries to prepare his team for their fourth conference win.

"We have 20 something kids who are ready to fight," coach Qualls says. "We have a good Tennessee High team coming in here. This is a big conference game."

We did some digging and found out when the discussion for Sensabaugh's reinstatement could be brought up. According to school board policy, the board chairman must give at least five business days notice before a public special called meeting can be held. So in a hypothetical situation where it's announced on Thursday, that earliest the meeting can be held is next Thursday. That date would be Oct. 19, which just happens to be the board's next scheduled meeting anyway.

At that meeting, the board will be discussing plans for the new Jonesborough school. Board Chairman Jack Leonard says Sensabaugh's future is not currently on the agenda.