Storm cleanup underway in Carter County


CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Carter County was one area hit hardest by this week's storm.

Cleanup is now underway by the county's highway department and TDOT.

One resident whose yard flooded said the water rose in less than an hour.

""We have a couple of trees down... most of it is trash and rocks," described resident Sandra Coxwell. "The worst part is the driveway, it was complete washed out. The bridge fortunately held out."

Even though her yard is now in need of serious repair, she remains positive because the water stopped rising before reaching the house.

"We were fortunate, it could have been worse," said Coxwell.

Down her street on Cove Creek Road there's more damage.

Several bridges washed away, stranding those who live on the other side.

"When we got here last night this bridge was completely clogged up. Water was going over the bridge and coming down the road," said Assistant Road Superintendent Shannon Burchett.

He hopes to have most of the repair work done by the end of the week.

For Coxwell, it's just her and her husband working to clean the yard.

"It's going to take us weeks, if not months to get it all up," said Coxwell.

The highway department says they will try to help residents with some clean up, but mainly have to focus on the roads

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