Storytelling festival takes over downtown Jonesborough

Carmen Deedy tells a story to a large crowd in the Library Tent.

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - Hundreds of people in Jonesborough laughed at tales during the storytelling festival Saturday.

Audiences gathered in tents to listen to storytellers. Booths lined the streets and sold food and souvenirs to people who came from all over the country.

Storyteller Carmen Deedy has performed at the festival in past years.

"I've been coming here for about 5,000 years," Deedy laughingly said. "I'm very old."

Deedy said that the festival atmosphere is unique.

"It's very organic," she said. "The audiences are, especially in Jonesboro, fantastic, because they're sophisticated audiences. They know story, and they won't let you get away with just throwing a story out there that you haven't really worked on. They won't let you get away with not being present."

This is the festival's 45th anniversary. The highly popular ghost stories start Saturday night at 8 p.m. The festival will continue through Sunday evening.