Tenn. State Board of Education will set up naloxone guidelines for schools


The Tennessee legislature session has wrapped up for this year. Lawmakers made a decision on requiring Naloxone in schools.

We talked to state senator Jon Lundburg about the bill.

It will require the state board of education to set up guidelines for the overdose reversal drugs for opioids in schools.

He says it's important to save as many lives as possible. During next year's session, the lawmakers will decide if further action needs to be taken in schools.

"I don't think it's necessary. I haven't heard any outcry because I have not frankly heard that around here overdosing in schools, so i don't think that's an issue that's really prevelant thank goodness," he said.

Also approved... gasoline will go up by six cents over the next three years.

It'll give the Tennessee Department of ransportation money to begin several major road work projects.

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