Tennessee Highway Patrol planning sobriety checkpoints for the Fourth


BRISTOL, Tenn. - The Tennessee Highway Patrol is reminding people to stay safe and sober on the roads Tuesday night.

On the Fourth of July, there is usually an increase in traffic on the highways, making it harder to get some places on time. There is also a peak in speeding violations and people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

To keep people safe on the roadways, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is advising people to slow down and plan ahead. State Trooper Jarrett Ramsey says, "Fourth of July, we usually see an influx of impaired drivers, people drinking and driving, [people who] had a little too much where they've been out at night. So, we usually plan several sobriety checkpoints throughout the region to try to deter that."

The highway patrol also suggests designating a sober driver to make sure you make it home safely.