Theater Camp at NPAC helps kids gain self-confidence


Kids in Greenville are getting the chance to express their creativity and learn an appreciation for theater.

This is the first week of the Theater Camp at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center.

Kids who completed kindergarten through fourth grade will learn and perform "101 Dalmatians" in one week.

Organizers say it's a way for the kids to spend time with their peers and build self-confidence.

The co-director says the kids learn and change a lot in a week.

"I think they come to understand everything that's involved in a theater production. You don't stand on the stage and act silly, but you have to actually know what you're doing, know where you're going at what time, what cue, downstage, upstage. All these different things they've learned this week," Jerry Maloy said.

Next week, kids who finished fifth grade and up will be learning the Lion King Junior at the camp.

You can catch performances by the campers this Friday and next Friday at 3 pm.

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