Three arrests made in connection to Washington County, TN car burglaries


WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN - Three arrests have been made in a string of auto thefts that have been going on in the past three months. They span from right here in Washington County, all the way to North Carolina. It's been happening right in front of people's houses-- in driveways throughout Washington County, Tennessee neighborhoods. Unlocked cars with valuables left in plain-sight were being targeted.

"These guys really knew what they were doing, knew how to and you know, a lot of people were leaving their cars unlocked and leaving their pocket books and guns and everything inside of them. So it was easy," says Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal.

Investigators have now arrested three men: 20 year-old, Wayne McCauley from Unicoi County, 34 year-old William Davis also from Unicoi, and 22 year-old Kenneth Moore from North Carolina.

Wayne McCauley was caught with stolen items in his possession. His arrest led to further investigation and the arrests of Davis and Moore. Between the three men, they are facing a total of 46 counts of auto burglary, with Moore as their leader.

"To help us and to help yourself, be sure that your stuff is not in your car, be sure you put it in your trunk or take it in the house. Just don't leave it in your car because even though we have these three sometimes a trend will follow," Sheriff Graybeal says.

McCauley is being held at the Washington County jail, Davis in Unicoi County, and Moore is awaiting extradition. Both Davis and Moore will be transported to the Washington County jail. Neighbors I talked to say they feel safer already.

"It makes me feel a lot better and especially the fact that they've got them in jail," says Walkers Bend subdivision resident, Robert House.

Sheriff Graybeal says the investigation is on-going and the motive may be drug related. He also says the more arrests could be coming. The three men in jail may also be facing additional charges.