Three months since pregnant woman was killed in Johnson City, still no suspect in custody


It's been three months since a pregnant 22-year-old was gunned down in Johnson City.

Right now, her killer is still on the run.

Rebekah Thompson, also known as Stacy Magee, was shot in the face while sitting inside her vehicle with her infant daughter in July.

This happened at public housing on John Exum Parkway.

Police said she was about eight weeks pregnant when she was killed.

"I try to take it day by day," her father, Rodney Magee said.

He said he can't understand why someone would do this to his daughter.

He hopes someone will do the right thing and come forward.

"You did this to my daughter for no apparent reason killed somebody for no reason," he said.

Johnson City Police said they're looking at a small group of people they're interested in for this case.

Lieutenant Kevin Peters said he believes the suspect is still in the area.

"We know that there's people out there that knows something about this case and we're just asking for them to bring it to us, no matter how small the information is," Peters said. "Please relay it to us so we can follow up on it."

He said it's taking longer than they hoped, but they want to do a thorough investigation in order to present a strong case.

People living in the neighborhood where the shooting happened are hoping for answers and for change.

"We need more cameras out here anyway they put one up but if we had one up here when that happened it would've caught him sooner," Ricky Gobble said.

An official with the Johnson City Housing Authority said they've added a camera after Stacy was killed and they plan on adding more.

Now, three months later, a plea from a father, missing his daughter for someone to help bring this case to a close.

"What do I miss most about my daughter? Seeing her beautiful smile," he said.

There is a $2,500 reward for information leading to this crime being solved.

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