Two new projects combat hunger in Greeneville


At most of Second Harvest summer food locations the children are fed on a bus, but here with almost 50 kids on a daily basis. But now thanks to the hard work of an Eagle Scout that problem is solved.

It's breakfast time in Greeneville's Bolton Village as dozens of children make their way to a new pavilion for free food. This is one of nearly 80 Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee's summer food feeding locations.

"In this particular community we had so many children that came out for lunch that we just couldn't get them all on the bus," said Second Harvest Executive Director Rhonda Chafin.

Hayden Guevara stepped up to help solve the problem with is Eagle Scout project.

He put together a team of volunteers and built a pavilion complete with tables and enough room for all of the children to eat.

"I wanted to do something that helped the community and was bigger than what people usually did," said Guevara said.

Most cites just offer lunch, but that's to this scout, these children are enjoying two meals per day. Monday morning, Second Harvest officials rolled out a new feature- the new Veggie Van will now stop here and at many other sites.

The van brings an added bonus for the family, here's an expanse of what's on the van today, there's corn on the cob, potatoes, watermelon and some yogurt. All able to go back home their families.

"We felt like they need additional nutritious food during the summer months to take back home. To provide for meals for dinner and on the weekends," Chafin said.

The produce the van delivers is provided through national growers and is specially packaged for delivery. The Veggie Van expands what they were already offering with larger produce trucks, but is able to reach smaller neighborhoods the big trucks couldn't get to. The other programs are continuing throughout the summer.

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