Two Tri Cities residents among five arrested for TennCare fraud


Tennessee's Office of Inspector General announced Thursday five arrests in and near the Tri Cities for TennCare fraud.

Shirley F. Johnson, 80, of Johnson City, is charged with using her state benefits to obtain Oxycodone pills and then selling a portion of that medication to an undercover informant, the report said.

Margaret Ann McGlocklin, 41, of Church Hill, is accused of doctor shopping using her TennCare privileges to try and obtain Hydrocodone, according to the state agency.

Others arrested include:

Samuel J. Tressler, Jr., 30, of Newport. He is facing nine counts of doctor shopping to obtain painkillers. Lisa Barnett, 37, of Morristown. She is charged with five counts of doctor shopping. Sherry Ann Ellison, 38, of Morristown. She is facing her second and third TennCare fraud offense in Washington and Cocke counties following her recent arrest.

Recent changes in Tennessee law changes TennCare fraud to a Class D felony that is punishable with up to four years in jail.

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