UPDATE: Amber Alert teen scheduled for September court hearing


A 15-year-old charged with murder after she was the subject of an Amber Alert will have a court hearing in September to determine if she will be tried as an adult.

Police said Trinity Quinn was with Daniel Clark when he shot and killed a gas station clerk during a robbery at an Exxon on Charlotte Pike in west Nashville.

Quinn, who was the subject of an Amber Alert when she was taken by Clark from Rhea County prior to the shooting, will have a hearing on Sept. 7.

Clark shot and killed 58-year-old John Stevens while attempting to rob the Exxon station while Quinn was with him.

Surveillance video from a nearby business appeared to show Clark and Quinn trying to unsuccessfully steal an SUV after the shooting.

Police said Clark shot the clerk several times with a semi-automatic pistol.

Quinn went from an Amber Alert victim to a suspect after police said surveillance video showed she had plenty of time to get away but chose to follow Clark instead.

The District Attorney's office wants to try Quinn as an adult.

If tried as an adult, Quinn would not be eligible for the death sentence because of her age, but she could get life in prison.

If tried as a juvenile, Quinn would not stay in detention past her 19th birthday.

She is currently undergoing mental evaluations to determine whether she can stand trial.

Quinn's mom and stepfather were at the hearing. They said they have been in contact with Quinn and that she's not doing well emotionally.