UPDATE: Beloved snowman, other stolen Christmas decorations found

(J. Welshimer / Facebook)

Jennifer Welshimer has been reunited with her beloved snowman.

The Kingsport resident credits News 5 and kindness of others in the return of most of the Christmas decorations that were stolen from her home. Police officials came to her door just after 6 a.m. Tuesday morning carrying the items, Welshimer reported on social media.

"This has truly opened my eyes to how good a lot of people really are! We are so very thankful!!!!" she said in the post on Facebook.

Kingsport Police Department spokesperson Tom Patton said they were alerted to the discovery of the decorations by Mount Carmel police. They recovered the items after a resident said her sister had given her the lawn ornaments. That woman is now a suspect in the case which is still under investigation, Patton said.

The Mount Carmel resident had seen the case on the news broadcast and then contacted authorities, he noted.

Welshimer was in tears over the weekend when she walked outside her home and saw that her decorations, including a snowman that has been in her family for decades, were gone. Others in the Borden Park neighborhood had also reported their Christmas items outside had been taken.

She said Tuesday that other residents had brought her family new decorations to post outside because of the theft.

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