UPDATE: Bristol Walmart murder victim's coworkers are "shocked" by shooting

Michael Heatherly, 43, died Friday after being shot in the parking lot of the Walmart off of Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tennessee.

BRISTOL, Tenn. - According to former co-workers, 43 year old Michael Heatherly was an employee for Anderson Merchandisers: a vendor to Walmart.

He worked in different Walmart stores to help set up product displays. Former co-workers and friends are shocked by the murder.

"He was a really nice guy," former co-worker Cody Bach said. "He was a standup guy. He was friendly...and respectful."

"I've never heard of Michael having an enemy," Tiria Farmer, another co-worker, said. "That's why it took me so much by surprise, because the type of person that Michael was, I just couldn't see anyone hating him."

A family friend also said that Heatherly has left behind a son.

Bristol, Tennessee Police have said that the case is still being investigated, but there are no updates at this time. They said early Saturday that two persons of interest were being questioned after a traffic stop.