UPDATE: David Crockett HS athletic director Josh Kite on administrative leave

PHOTO: 2015 / WCYB)

Washington County TN Director of Schools Kimber Haliburton confirmed Tuesday afternoon that David Crockett High School Athletic Director Josh Kite has been placed on administrative leave.

Kite becomes the second member of the school's athletic staff to be suspended within the last 12 hours. Head football coach Gerald Sensabaugh was also placed on leave by Haliburton pending an investigation.

The moves come after Sensabaugh claimed that Kite was coming to work at the school high on drugs and that Kite offered him some Oxycodone pills, according to information contained in Sensabaugh's recommendation letter for administrative leave issued by Principal Peggy Wright.

Wright noted that Sensabaugh's allegations of Kite abusing prescription medication concerned her "on multiple levels."

The letter from Wright also said that the football coach never reported to her or anyone else at David Crockett High that Kite was under the influence of drugs or "high."

"It was not until I offered (Sensabaugh) a letter regarding your own professional misconduct that you brought the allegation regarding Mr. Kite to my attention," Wright said in the letter.

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