UPDATE: Dir. of Schools will have 'final say' in Sensabaugh reinstatement


Suspended head football coach Gerald Sensabaugh says he has enough support from Board of Education members to be reinstated at David Crockett High School.

Washington County TN Public Schools issued a statement Thursday afternoon that reaffirms Director of Schools Kimber Halliburton will have the final say in his future employment.

The investigation by an independent law firm into Sensabaugh recommended by Crockett principal Peggy Wright and ordered by Halliburton is being "conducted as expeditiously as possible," the statement said, to determine if there will be any further action against Sensabaugh and if allegations that he made against other personnel are founded.

Sensabaugh was placed on administrative leave Tuesday after Wright called the coach "unpredictable, unprofessional, accusatory and hostile" following a review last week. The former Dallas Cowboys player turned coach had been accused of using profanity in front of players and accusing Athletic Director Josh Kite of using illegal drugs, among other allegations contained in documents provided to News 5.

Kite has also been placed on leave pending a review, Halliburton said.

Crockett is scheduled to play Tennessee High on Friday. Board of Education chairman Jack Leonard told News 5 on Wednesday that a meeting concerning Sensabaugh could not be held until next week at the earliest.