UPDATE: Elderly homicide victim told police she was attacked, raped before death


An elderly woman who was severely beaten earlier this month at her home in Carter County was able to tell police that she was attacked and raped before her death.

A police report obtained by News 5 says Mary Nolan, 88, was unable to verbally communicate with an investigator but was able to answer questions from her hospital bed by shaking her head.

Nolan died in an area hospital Wednesday following a July 14 attack that police have few leads to go on.

Nolan's face and jaw were too severely swollen for her to speak, the report read, and shook her head 'yes' when asked if she was assaulted and if she was raped.

Sheriff Dexter Lunceford, who also visited with the victim and her family while in the hospital, said there was no forced entry into Nolan's home located in the Stoney Creek community at 128 Dan Bowers Road. Her family located the victim in her bed just after 11:30 a.m. on July 14 and then called for help.

Anyone with information on the case can call (423) 543-1896. Anonymous tips can be made online by clicking here.