UPDATE: Kingsport murder suspect's preliminary hearing pushed to April


A Kingsport man accused of murder a resident that allowed him to stay in his home will not have a preliminary hearing for several weeks.

The defense for suspect Jeff Flanary, 52, requested more time leading up to the hearing which is now scheduled for April 4, according to court information.

An affidavit obtained by News 5 shows Flanary confessed to killing Michael Davidson to a friend who then contacted police.

Investigators wrote that Flanary had asked Davidson to stay the night at his Mull Street home. Later that evening, Flanary reportedly choked Davidson while he slept then tied him up and covered the body with a blanket, the report said.

The witness told police that Flanary was carrying more than $7,000 in cash, Davidson's cell phone and that Flanary's shoes and glasses had blood on them. Flanary had also taken Davidson's van when he left the home.

Davidson's body was found on Jan. 31 and Flanary was captured by police on Feb. 6 near the Interstate 26 interchange on Lynn Garden Drive.

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