UPDATE: Mountain City police officer takes plea deal in federal drug case


One of two Mountain City, Tennessee, police officers charged with using and selling drugs while on duty has agreed to conditions of a plea deal on federal drug charges.

Court information obtained by News 5 shows Ronald Glen Shupe, 44, accepted the plea agreement in U.S. District Court in Greeneville on Tuesday while waiving his indictment and arraignment.

Shupe was charged with the federal counts, possession with intent to distribute oxycodone and carrying a firearm during a drug trafficking offense, on Nov. 7. He was indicted on 12 state counts by a Johnson County grand jury two days later along with fellow officer Sgt. Elmer Kenneth Lane who faces three counts.

Prosecutors said the two officers sold drugs in school zones while on patrol.

An informant told federal investigators that Shupe sold her pain killers and that she injected him with drugs while sitting in his patrol car, according to court documents.

News 5's Thomas Gray reported earlier that the result of two high-ranking officers suspended and off the force because of the charges has left them short-handed.

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