UPDATE: Rulings issued in Bluff City election law violation cases


Two of three people charged with violating an election law in Bluff City earlier this year have been found guilty during a hearing in Bristol Tennessee Sessions Court.

Current Sullivan County Commissioner Sherry Grubb and her niece Brook Morrell had their 30-day jail sentences suspended and were fined $50 for election law violation, a class C misdemeanor, according to court records obtained by News 5.

Bluff City Alderman John R. Harrison was found not guilty, the records confirmed.

Administrator of Elections Jason Booher contacted Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus after he received complaints following the May 16 municipal election from citizens who saw Grubb and Morrell enter the polling place location without cause. An investigation was then conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Grubb said in a message she posted on her official social media account that she was at the polling place that day to "deliver lunch" and to pose a work question.

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