UPDATE: Sheriff's Office captain suspended following incident at David Crockett H.S.


Washington County, Tennessee, Sheriff Ed Graybeal announced Tuesday the suspension of a 22-year veteran of his force following his actions at a David Crockett High School game on Friday.

The report from Graybeal says Detention Captain Chris Lowe will be suspended for 10 days for "unbecoming conduct" after a review by WCSO Chief Operations Officer Leighta Laitinen.

"As officers, we must be mindful of our special indentification by the public as upholders of the law," Laitinen said in Lowe's discipline letter.

"We must be exemplary in our conduct, both on and off duty, in order to maintain the confidence and support of the community, and laxity of conduct in our private lives has a negative impact on public trust."

Graybeal said in a statement that Lowe was very apologetic for his actions while at the ball game but did not describe in that report what Lowe's actions were. He also noted that Lowe had no prior disciplinary actions prior to Tuesday's decision.

"Tensions were high at the game but we must hold our employees to a higher standard," Graybeal said.

Graybeal later confirmed to News 5's Mike Lucas that Lowe reportedly threw a football helmet during a postgame altercation between parents and members of the Crockett coaching staff.

Friday's game was the culmination of a tense week for parents and players at David Crockett. Head coach Gerald Sensabaugh was placed on administrative leave and several players had considered forfeiting the game in support of their suspended coach. Reportedly, only three players decided to sit out the contest- a loss at home against Tennessee High.

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