UPDATE: Two people questioned in Bristol Walmart shooting case

PHOTO: Michael Heatherly, Facebook

Two people have been interviewed by police in connection to the murder that took place in the Walmart parking lot off of Volunteer Parkway on Friday. No arrests have been made, but those two remain as people of interest in this ongoing investigation.

"At this point in the investigation, it is very fluid and we're working very diligently, so we're not in a position right now to release any information about the investigation," says Major Matt Austin of the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department.

Michael Heatherly, 43, was wounded in the lot and died later at a Bristol hospital from a single gunshot wound.

It was just hours after police swarmed the Walmart parking lot, investigating the shooting of Michael Heatherly, that two people were stopped by state police outside of Bristol in Virginia. They were questioned about the killing and released.

"We've collected a lot of evidence, this is a forensics case, there's been a lot of evidence that we've delivered to the TBI forensics lab and we're continuing to follow leads," Major Austin says.

Police reveal few details beyond that. At the scene of the shooting, it remains unknown what happened as Heatherly got to his car, and put his key in the door.

"It was a very public place that this took place and again we're not hiding anything but any of those details, the intricate details of the investigation...we're not ready to release," Major Austin says.

Police have said Heatherly was apparently targeted, meaning the violence was not random. Despite that, local resident Anna Tritt says it's the kind of violence that leaves you on edge.

"I'm more aware of my surroundings given the situation that our country is in and stuff," she says.

Police continue to investigate and urge anyone with information to come forward.

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