UPDATE: Zachary Adams found guilty of killing Holly Bobo


A man charged in the kidnapping, rape and murder of nursing student Holly Bobo has been found guilty by a jury in Decatur County, TN.

Zachary Adams has been convicted in what TBI called one of the most expensive investigations in their history.

The disappearance of Bobo, a talented, church-going nursing student everyone seemed to like, transformed the peaceful Decatur County town of about 2,400 people into a panicked whirlwind. Despite an intense search, it was three years before the hunt ended in tragedy when her remains were found in woods near her home. Hope among Parsons' residents turned into pain.

Adams was one of three men charged in the crime. Prosecutors said during the trial that Adams bragged about how he killed the 20-year-old woman and how he almost got away with it.

The jury has been instructed to return on Saturday to decide on Adams' prison sentence.

A day-by-day recap of the trial can be found here.

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