Disc golf tournament bringing tourism to Johnson City


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn - Johnson City, Tenn., is hosting a unique event this week that is expected to bring in more than $200,000 in tourism revenue.

It's the U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championship.

The tournament is bringing in more than 150 women to compete on three disc golf courses.

Tim Barr is the tournament director. He says this is the biggest tournament on record.

He said Johnson City was chosen to host the international event because of its ideal location.

"We're really not that far from most of the major population centers in the United States on the Eastern Coast," said Barr.

According to Barr, the city invested around $40,000 to renovate Winged Deer Park's disc golf course for the tournament.

"They have poured us new cement tee pads... which was a fairly good investment. And they also bought new baskets for the course," Barr explained.

He expects the pay off from increased foot traffic and tourism this week will far exceed that investment.

"At one point I was told it would bring in just under $200,000 for the weekend, but that was based on a number of players that we have now exceeded by probably 50, so I would say it would be fairly considerable," said Barr.

Jennifer Mcgibbom is from Asheville, N.C. She has competed in more than 15 tournaments this year. She sees how much tourism they attract.

"Not only just bringing in people from out of town as far as competitors and spectators coming to watch their favorite players, but it also really gets the whole city and town involved. Even the outskirts," Mcgibbom said.

The tournament begins Friday and runs through Sunday.

Spectators are welcome to watch at any of the three courses: Winged Deer Park, Pine Oaks Golf Course, and Hammon Hills.