UT fans react to athletic director's firing


BRISTOL, Tenn. - The firing of University of Tennessee's athletic director, John Currie, is sending shock waves through students and fans of UT.

Local fans are giving a general consensus that they're glad to see Currie go and think the school needs change.

"I think it's amazing, they never should have gotten rid of Philip Fulmer in the first place," said Alyson Bowman.

"I think it'll be good for them that they did it," said Tony Dillman.

"I think it's probably a good thing. They're certainly having a hard time finding a good coach-- the fans weren't agreeing with the coaches Currie was trying to hire, so it's probably time for him to go," said Kevin Bryant.

"I think he was doing the best that he could, and they should have given him some more time," said Elizabeth Sexton.

Currie's firing also leaves many questions about the university unanswered.

The biggest: who's going to coach the Vols?

"I think that they need to get someone on board really soon. I know they're trying to get the best person," said Elizabeth Sexton.

"The fans need to chill out and let a coach come in there and coach," said Alyson Bowman.

Fans say there's no doubt the team has talent, they just need a good leader.

"You have good players, you have a great team-- where are they going with it? A team starts with the leadership," said Tony Dillman.

Some fans speculate who UT should bring onboard to coach next.

"Jimbo Fisher from Florida State went to Texas A&M, so the Vols could go after coaches on current teams... they have a lot of talent, they just don't have any coaching," said Kevin Bryant.