Wife of man shot and killed by police after chase wants to remember him positively


The wife of the man shot and killed by police after a chase in Carter County says he didn't deserve to die.

Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford says the chase involving Buford "Shane" Whitson actually started with a domestic disturbance about lunchtime Monday.

Officials say his wife Angie Whitson reported that her husband hit her in the face.

Deputies say she had a swollen eye, bloody nose and busted mouth.

She also reported he left the house with a revolver threatening to shoot deputies when they arrived and saying he wanted to die.

Then Monday night, deputies spotted Whitson near Sycamore Shoals Hospital.

According to the sheriff, deputies tried to stop him, but he took off.

Eventually, Whitson was stopped at Highway 67 and Milligan Highway in Johnson City.

That's where deputies say Whitson pointed a gun first at his own head then at deputies. They fired and killed him.

Tuesday, we dug into Shane Whitson's criminal history.

He was previously charged with violating a protection order, drug violations and assault.

Whitson was also sentenced to 20 years in Brushy Mountain State Prison for parole violations and felony burglary.

News 5's Jessica Griffith talked to his wife, who, despite it all, is choosing to remember Shane in a positive way. "I'm not good. I'm lost and I just don't know what to do without him," Angie Whitson said. Angie and Shane Whitson knew each other since she was six-years-old. "We were best friends when we were kids." But, she says drugs changed him.

"He had issues. He needed counseling. He needed a lot of help. Unfortunately I couldn't talk him into going to get it," she said. Sunglasses, covering a wound from where police say Shane hit her Monday afternoon. They say a domestic dispute sparked the police chase. "We got up yesterday morning. We were running late for something and we just started bickering back and forth. And there's just been so much going on in our lives, so much stress it just escalated," she said. Angie says he struggled with mental issues. His pain, coming out as anger. "He said today's the last day you're going to see me and I just begged him not to anything. He just said he wanted to die, he was tired, he didn't want to go on anymore," Whitson said. She says no matter happened, she still stands by him. "I would have never left him. I wasn't gonna give up on him like everybody else had in his life," she said. This as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looks into the shooting.

Spokesperson Leslie Earhart says agents were out for hours collecting evidence.

"We'll turn our findings over to General Clark for his review and consideration. And at that point it's up to him and him alone as to whether the actions of the deputies were justified," Earhart said. "I'm going to miss him. Period. Him being here, he was my best friend," she said.

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